• How To Treat Dog Ear Yeast Infections

    If your dog commonly shakes his head or scratches his ears, then he may have an ear infection. Ear infections can be caused by yeast, bacteria, and allergies. An animal doctor at a veterinary clinic can tell you what has caused the condition. Antibiotics are often provided for bacterial infections and antihistamines are given for allergic conditions. If your dog has an overgrowth of yeast in his ears, then a thorough cleaning will be performed to get rid of the fungi.
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  • Preparing To Visit Yorkie Breeders

    If you have a purebred Yorkie, you can register it with the American Kennel Club. Registering the puppy will lead to benefits such as complimentary health insurance and lower health insurance rates afterward. However, it is very common for a Yorkie to be mixed with another breed. The cost of a Yorkie can range from a few hundred dollars to around $3,000. However, if the Yorkie comes from a bloodline that has won dog shows, the Yorkie's cost will likely be higher.
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