Preparing To Visit Yorkie Breeders

Posted on: 6 January 2014

If you have a purebred Yorkie, you can register it with the American Kennel Club. Registering the puppy will lead to benefits such as complimentary health insurance and lower health insurance rates afterward. However, it is very common for a Yorkie to be mixed with another breed. The cost of a Yorkie can range from a few hundred dollars to around $3,000. However, if the Yorkie comes from a bloodline that has won dog shows, the Yorkie's cost will likely be higher. Yorkies that are purebred will be small and will have a long and dark blue coat that flows down the body from a center parting. The blue coat is combined with a tan color on the head. In some parts of the world, the Yorkie's tail is docked, while this practice is illegal in other parts of the world. Most Yorkies are about 8 inches tall and weigh about 3 pounds. Smaller Yorkies are sometimes called teacup Yorkies. These are not a different breed, but are simply a name that the Yorkie breeders might choose to call them. The Yorkie puppy will need to go to the vet for examinations. Each breed has its own health problems that it struggles with. For this reason, it is important to visit a vet soon enough to learn about the specific conditions that the Yorkie might suffer from. The Yorkie puppy will need food that is specifically formulated for small dogs. Ask the Yorkie breeders if it will give you some of the food that the puppy has been eating so that it can slowly adjust to its new home. Yorkies will need dry food designed specifically for the Yorkie's growing stage. Before getting dog food for the Yorkie, make sure that it is inspected by the USDA. Yorkies will usually eat about three times a day. One of those three meals should be dry food. However, if the Yorkie gets one milkbone, the Yorkie shouldn't be given a full meal because the milkbone will be similar to a meal. Yorkies have long hair that can become matted, so they need to be groomed regularly. A comb or brush can help detangle the dog's hair. Also, good shampoo or conditioner from a pet store can help. The Yorkie breeders should be asked about whether it provides Yorkie training. Ask the Yorkie breeders to show whether the puppy has learned commands already. Yorkies are known for being confident and courageous. They are known for being very stubborn and suspicious of people they are not familiar with. However, the Yorkies need to be treated like dogs and not like toys. If they are not trained properly, they will not be obedient. Like all dogs, Yorkies want a firm and confident leader and will feel anxious if they do not have one. Yorkies have dental problems because they have smaller mouths, but just as many teeth as other dogs. As a result, the teeth can become crowded and will need to be cleaned, with tartar removed, more often. Some Yorkies will experience hip pain that results from Legg Perthe's disease. They are also known for developing loose kneecaps. All of these conditions will require that the Yorkies visit a vet regularly to be checked for these conditions and to make sure that the Yorkie is not suffering from them. Yorkies do not need as much exercise as a lot of larger breeds. However, they should still be taken on regular walks to remain healthy. Also, they should be taken to places that are stimulating because they like to see sights, smell smells and hear sounds. For more information on Yorkies and breeding, click here.