• Seven Hallmarks Of A Quality Dog Boarding Facility

    If you're like most dedicated dog owners, you are concerned about choosing the right boarding facility when the need arises. A great boarding kennel or dog daycare will meet more than a dog's basic needs. It will be staffed with loving caregivers who provide individual attention and personalized care. When choosing a comfortable "home away from home" for boarding your beloved pet, look for these seven hallmarks of a top-notch facility:
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  • Home Care Tips For A Blind Cat

    If you have an older cat, then it is imperative that you seek out veterinary care regularly to make sure your cat is healthy. Cats can form a variety of difficulties like diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease as they age. An affordable veterinary clinic at a site like http://www.1stPetVet.com can help to keep your costs down as you care for your animal. A check up may reveal that your cat's eyesight has deteriorated.
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  • Five Ways To Avoid An Emergency Visit To Your Avian Veterinarian

    It's nice to know your emergency avian veterinarian is there when your pet bird needs urgent care. Some emergencies are preventable, however. As a responsible bird owner, you should know how to prevent a potentially life-threatening illness or accident. Simple measures, such as keeping your birds wings clipped, recognizing substances that may cause toxicity and familiarizing yourself with the signs of illness may prevent an emergency. 1. Keep Your Bird's Wings Clipped
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