Seven Hallmarks Of A Quality Dog Boarding Facility

Posted on: 29 July 2015

If you're like most dedicated dog owners, you are concerned about choosing the right boarding facility when the need arises. A great boarding kennel or dog daycare will meet more than a dog's basic needs. It will be staffed with loving caregivers who provide individual attention and personalized care. When choosing a comfortable "home away from home" for boarding your beloved pet, look for these seven hallmarks of a top-notch facility:

1. The Facility is a Member of the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA)

Why is this important and what assurance does this offer? The American Boarding Kennels Association was established to provide information to kennel operators that help the facilities maintain high standards. The organization offers their members seminars, certification programs and other tools that help educate caretakers. In turn, this helps pet owners feel confident in knowing their beloved for-legged friends are receiving quality care. Look for a membership plaque or certificate when visiting the boarding facility.

2. The Facility Requires Health Records For All Boarded Pets

A reputable kennel will require pet owners to show some form of health documentation for their boarded pets. This means pet owners must provide proof of up-to-date inoculations before boarding can be accepted. Health records should be signed and dated by a veterinarian. This assures pet owners their dogs will not be subject to communicable diseases such as rabies or distemper.

3. Visitation and Tours are Accepted

If you are planning on boarding your pet, it's a good idea to see the accommodations firsthand. A quality kennel will be sanitary and neat, inside and out. A reputable facility will allow pet owners to tour the kennels and grounds tn order to get a close-up view of where their pets will be housed and where they will play. A quality facility will display plenty of interactive toys, tunnels and equipment placed in plain view for the touring "pet parents" to take note of. During your visit, you should notice the environment is climate controlled, with outdoor play areas sheltered from the elements.

4. The Kennel is Safe and Secure

This means well fenced or gated grounds, making it highly unlikely for rambunctious pets to escape or "run away". Each dog run should include a divider as well. Gates will be locked and high enough to prevent climbing over, and runs may have a wire covering on them for extra security. In addition, the building will be equipped with security cameras and alarms to safeguard against intruders.

5. An On-Site Veterinarian is Employed

A facility that employs a vet on the premises is a hallmark of a professional establishment. Although not every boarding facility will offer on-site veterinary care, it's nice when you can find one that does. This assures you that your pet may receive professional treatment should the need arise.

6. Services for Special Needs Dogs Are Provided

Does your senior pet suffer from arthritis and require a heated, cushioned bed? A high quality boarding facility may offer this accommodation, in the way of memory foam dog beds or heated cushions. In addition, a quality kennel will offer specialized diets and oral medication administration if necessary. Facilities may also offer housing for two pets so they may stay together.

7. Cage Free Daycare

By offering cage free play areas, your pet's stress may be greatly reduced. Rather than be cooped up in a cage or crate, your dog will sleep on a "canine couch" designated for its breed/size, offering the security and comfort of a home environment. Many of the high-end facilities also offer private rooms for dogs to retreat to after playtime. When you find a boarding facility that offers cage-free boarding and private room, consider this a true hallmark of quality. Click here for more information on the subject.