• Find A Cat-Only Veterinarian To Care For Your Senior Cat

    As the owner of a senior cat, it's vital to make preventive care a priority. While younger cats may see the vet just once a year, a senior cat will benefit from twice-yearly exams and the occasional blood test. If you're looking at different vet clinics to provide senior care, it's wise to choose a cat-only clinic. Rather than choosing a clinic that allows dogs and making the visit extra stressful for your cat, you can find a clinic that only treats cats.
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  • What Kind Of Care Do Ragdoll Coats Need?

    If you are thinking about getting a ragdoll kitten, then you are in for a treat. Ragdolls have wonderful, calm, and sociable personalities that will enhance any household. However, ragdoll cats also have a thick and luxurious fur coat that needs constant maintenance. You don't have to do a lot of work, but you must pay attention to their coat. If you don't, your cat could have problems later. Here are some questions and answers about ragdoll coat maintenance to help you know what to expect when your ragdoll kitten gets older.
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