How Do You Choose The Right Pet Sitter For Your Dog?

Posted on: 20 December 2016

When you go away on a vacation or a business trip for a day or two, it might be OK to have friends or family take care of your pets while you are gone. You might want to board them for the length of your trip as well. However, if you have a job that takes you away for most of the day, every day, then you might want to have someone take care of your pets during this time or if you plan for a longer vacation. How do you do know if you have chosen the right pet sitter? There are ways to pick the right person for you.

Sitter's Personality

When you are looking for the right pet sitter for your pet, it's a good idea to get a feel for their personality. If your dog is a puppy that is full of energy, then you might want to go with someone who likes to take long walks or play with their charges. An older or special needs pet might need someone calm who is not afraid to administer medicine or clean up accidents on occasion. When you are interviewing potential pet sitters, let them interact with your pet to see if they will be a good fit for each other. You might want to have a couple of visits to get a good idea if a certain person will work for your pet or not.


When you ask a potential sitter over for an interview, prepare a questionnaire for them to fill out. You can look up relevant questions on the Humane Society of the United States' website. The site will give you a list of qualifications to look for for certain types of pets and their needs so you can match them to your own. You should include questions about liability insurance and if they are covered and if they have any allergies to certain types of animal fur. Ask if they are bonded, which can protect against theft, and ask for references and how long they have been a pet sitter.


For the dog's security and sense of safety, it is best for a pet to be taken care of in their own home. Dogs like having a routine and they come to expect being fed and walked at the same times each day. When you are looking for a pet sitter, find out how flexible they are and if they are comfortable taking care of your pet in your home instead of taking them to their own. If this isn't possible, then see if the sitter will let you visit their home with your dog to see how comfortable and relaxed your pet will be if they spend the majority of the day there.

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