3 Socialization Tips For Your New Bully Pup

Posted on: 6 August 2021

The American bully dog is a breed that claims American Staffordshire terriers, American bull terriers, and other bully breeds as part of the breed foundation. The dogs are generally loving, loyal, courageous, and good guard dogs. All of those things put together can make a great dog. All of those things put together also make a dog that is going to need to be socialized extensively while they are young. While you want a dog that is loyal to your family, you don't want one that is really standoffish to other people or animals. What are some things that you can do to socialize your new bully pup?

Do It Early

One of the most important things that you can do when it comes to socialization is to start young and do it as early as possible. Ideally, you want to get your pup as socialized as possible by the time that they are about 16 weeks old. Those first few weeks of life are important ones because puppies are like a sponge during that time. After that age, you can do supportive stuff to reinforce the early socialization, but it's going to be harder for you to lay the basics. 

Puppy Class

Another thing that you can do to help socialize your dog is to take them to a puppy class. This is going to do a couple of things. One is that it will expose your puppy to other people and other animals. It will also expose your puppy to a lot of new sights, sounds, and scents and help them to learn how to handle all those things. The class will also teach you and your dog basic obedience, which can help you control your dog, and make them a more polite dog citizen. Check with pet stores, the Humane Society, or your vet to find a good class to take. 

Daily Walks

Taking your puppy for a walk every day is going to give them a chance to burn some of their energy off and help keep them healthier. Taking them for walks also exposes your puppy to new things and places, and shows them how you expect them to behave in those places. If you vary where you take them for a walk every few days, then they are going to be exposed to all kinds of things and will become less sensitized to new stuff happening around them. 

If you have just gotten a new bully pup, you need to make sure that they are appropriately and extensively. It can actually be pretty easy for you to do, and it will make a happier dog. To learn more, contact a bully puppy kennel.