What Kind Of Care Do Ragdoll Coats Need?

Posted on: 13 January 2022

If you are thinking about getting a ragdoll kitten, then you are in for a treat. Ragdolls have wonderful, calm, and sociable personalities that will enhance any household. However, ragdoll cats also have a thick and luxurious fur coat that needs constant maintenance. You don't have to do a lot of work, but you must pay attention to their coat. If you don't, your cat could have problems later.

Here are some questions and answers about ragdoll coat maintenance to help you know what to expect when your ragdoll kitten gets older.

What Is Basic Ragdoll Coat Care?

Ragdolls are long-haired cats. Therefore, they will need regular brushing. Start with soft brushes and combs and move to stiffer tools as your kitten adjusts. You can also use grooming mitts. Most cats and kittens love being brushed. Make sessions short at first.

Do Ragdoll Cats Shed?

Ragdolls, like most long-haired cats, will shed a lot. Therefore, you will need to prepare to find ways to remove this fur from unwanted areas. However, if you groom regularly, the shedding will be more minimal. Grooming helps remove loose fur that could end up on your furniture.

Should You Shave a Ragdoll Cat?

Some people shave their ragdoll's coat in different styles. Others think shaving is cruel. Shaving is unnecessary, but it won't hurt your cat. However, your ragdoll's fur helps insulate your cat from both hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, you shouldn't shave your cat unless there's a medical reason for doing so.

Can You Give a Ragdoll a Bath?

Yes, ragdoll cats and kittens can benefit from an occasional bath or flea dip. However, you won't need to bathe them often. Too much bathing can deplete their skin and fur of essential oils. Their skin will end up flaky, and their fur dull.

What Happens if You Don't Brush Your Ragdoll?

If you don't brush your ragdoll often, then they could swallow much of the loose fur when they self-groom. This fur could end up as hairballs and clog their digestive tract. Also, brushing helps evenly distribute oils that keep their fur healthy-looking and shiny.

When you adopt your ragdoll kitten, start the grooming routine early. If you plan to use a groomer or give baths, get them accustomed to those things as soon as possible. Most kittens may not have problems with brushing and bathing, but they may not like things like nail clipping or other maintenance. So if you get them used to it from the beginning, you will have fewer issues later on.

If you are ready to adopt a ragdoll kitten or two, visit a ragdoll breeder for more information. The kitten's owner can also give you tips on how to care for your new pet. Keep these tips in mind when looking for ragdoll kittens for sale near you.