Find A Cat-Only Veterinarian To Care For Your Senior Cat

Posted on: 3 May 2022

As the owner of a senior cat, it's vital to make preventive care a priority. While younger cats may see the vet just once a year, a senior cat will benefit from twice-yearly exams and the occasional blood test. If you're looking at different vet clinics to provide senior care, it's wise to choose a cat-only clinic. Rather than choosing a clinic that allows dogs and making the visit extra stressful for your cat, you can find a clinic that only treats cats. Consider the following benefits these clinics can provide for you and your senior cat as they get older. 

Experience With Various Health Concerns

One of the best reasons to prioritize cat-only vet clinics is that they'll have the experience of treating numerous health issues that only affect cats. 

Intestinal problems, diabetes, and an overactive thyroid are all medical problems that affect aging cats. Noticing some of these illnesses on your own can be a challenge since cats will often hide most symptoms. By finding a vet clinic that treats cats, you can have any health concerns addressed and discuss the treatment and preventive care that your cat needs. 

Stress-Free Environment to Visit

Being in a carrier while in the lobby can be a stressful wait for your cat. The environment can be even more stressful when there are dogs as well. Since most dogs will be on a leash, they can move around the lobby and get close to your cat while they're in the carrier. Barking is another concern that can worsen the visit for your senior cat.

With a cat-only clinic, the lobby and exam rooms can be much more comfortable for your cat by reducing some of the noise and commotion that can be stressful for your cat. 

Guidance for Senior Care for Your Cat 

Making adjustments at your home can help make aging easier on your cat. Adding ramps to their favorite resting areas and introducing supplements are just two examples of care to consider. Even swapping their diet can help your senior cat as they get older. Visiting the vet can help you find the best preventive care for your cat; they'll also give you recommendations based on your cat's health.

With a cat-only clinic, your veterinarian will have years of experience to ensure that your cat receives the very best care. By knowing the benefits of visiting a vet hospital for preventive pet care, you'll be motivated to schedule a visit for your cat.