Want A Beagle? Information About This Breed You Should Learn

Posted on: 18 August 2022

Beagles are adorable puppies and grow up to be beautiful dogs. If you are considering a beagle, you need to first determine if it will be right for your family. Below is some information about this breed. 

Beagle Size

You can find beagles in a variety of sizes from small to larger varieties. Because of this, make sure you ask the breeder the size of the puppy's parents. If you purchase your beagle at a rescue or a pet store, ask them if they know this information. 

This is important because if you do not know, you may be surprised at how large your beagle grows or how small it will be when fully grown. This can make a big difference in their weight and their height. There are even pocket beagles which get very small but are often much more expensive.


A beagle has a big personality and will let you and everyone else know they are in your home. This can be funny at times but can also get out of hand. For example, you will often hear this dog howl to alert you or when it becomes excited. You will also notice they get energetic quickly and then calm down just as quickly. When energetic, they will run around the room quickly. 

This dog loves to have attention so is happiest in families that are often home. For example, if you work long hours and are gone much of the time, your dog will not be happy. Because of this, do not get a beagle unless you can stay home with it a lot. Having another dog in the home can also help with this. 


Your beagle needs exercise no matter what size you get. Take them on a walk every day on a leash. You should know these dogs are hound dogs and have a very good scent. If they catch a scent of something they may try to chase it, which means they will pull on the leash. Training can help with this problem. 

Take your beagle with you when you leave the home if dogs are allowed. This could be to an outdoor sporting event, a pet store, a home improvement store, etc. This not only helps with their energy levels but also helps socialize your dog, which is important. 

A vet can give you more information about this breed, such as their grooming needs, what to feed them, etc.

Contact a local breeder or pet rescue to learn more about beagle puppies for sale.