Three Questions You Should Ask When Choosing The Perfect Doggie Daycare

Posted on: 27 October 2022

Dogs are one of the most beloved animals by humans in the world. They have such a cheerful disposition and loyal hearts that it can be hard to put them in a doggie daycare, no matter how busy you get. However, sometimes there is no other option, and you have to use the great facilities at a nearby doggie daycare center. Before you choose a doggie daycare for the foreseeable future, there are a few questions that you should ask to ensure that this place is perfect for your pup or older dog.

Different Groups

Dogs will generally be kept in slightly different groups depending on certain characteristics. Some doggie daycare centers split the dogs up by age, others by size, and others by temperament. If you have an older dog, you likely don't want it grouped in with the more boisterous and energetic dogs who might injure your dog accidentally by playing too rough. Make sure that you know how the dogs are split up so that you have confidence that your dog will be well looked after with other, similarly conditioned dogs rather than just put into a large group with everyone.

How Many Dogs

Another good answer to get a hold of from a potential doggie daycare is just how many dogs they have running around their facilities on an average day. You should also ask how many staff they have so you can determine whether or not this feels like a good ratio to you. The more dogs and less staff they have, the less attention your particular dog will get, and if your dog is a little bit needier, then this can be a problem. If you survey all the local doggie daycares, you will no doubt find the one with the best ratio for your dog. Alternatively, if your dog is a very independent one, then this does not matter as much.

What Is The Routine

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is a good idea for owners to know the routine their dog will be going through at daycare. This will allow you to know just how much energy your dog will have when you pick them up, how hungry they will be, and whether or not they will be all tuckered out and just want to sleep. Most doggie daycare centers are very good about providing a holistic and enjoyable experience for the pups in their charge, but it is just a good idea to know what to expect from your dog when you reunite with them. 

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